Putnam District Library

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Welcome to Putnam District Library

If you are (or have been) a patron of Putnam District Library, welcome home!
The mission of the Putnam District Library is to provide quality library resources and services, which fulfill the educational, recreational, informational, historical, and cultural needs of the entire community in an atmosphere that is welcoming, respectful, caring, and professional. The Putnam District Library upholds all library users legal right of access to Library resources, services and facilities. We uphold these rights in order to ensure the safety of users and staff, and to protect Library resources and facilities from damage.                  (Modified ~ July 2009)

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A Note From the Director:

The library's vision statement is: "Honoring the Past, Serving Today, and Preparing for Tomorrow."  

With this in mind, the staff consistently works with the library board and community members to identify how the library can best serve by defining and taking action on the library's vision statement.  We welcome your participation in this process.  Feel free to contact us and get involved in the future of Putnam District Library.

Savannah Shilton, Director

The Role of the Library:

Putnam District Library, located in Nashville, Michigan, has been serving the Maple Valley community since 1923. The library serves the townships of Assyria, Castleton, and Maple Grove. Putnam District Library attempts to meet the variety of needs of its surrounding communities. To fill these needs the staff will attempt to allocate resources to support the area.  To this end, the library will:

  • Serve as a center for reading, literacy and lifelong learning.

  • Connect people who need information about community services, organizations and issues with local agencies or businesses.

  • Support intellectual growth and achievement for individuals of all ages who may be engaged in a formal course of study.

  • Provide equal access to information needed for informed daily living, decision making, problem solving, and thoughtful participation in community affairs

  • Promote early literacy with a focus on lifelong reading habits for children and teens.

  • Offer the community a gathering space that provides opportunities for interaction consistent with the library’s emphasis on information and reading.