Putnam District Library

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Library Card Information

Types of Library Cards and Related Policies

Courtney CardResident Library Cards

The State of Michigan certifies the service area of each library.  Putnam District Library’s service area is the Village of Nashville and the Townships of Assyria, Castleton, and Maple Grove.  Putnam District Library cards are free to those who own or rent property in these townships.  Resident cards expire after 2 years.

Non-Resident Library Cards

Library cards for those living outside of Putnam District Library’s service district cost $20.00 per year/per card.  Non-resident cards provide for use of the library’s local collection but not interlibrary loan services.  We encourage the use of home libraries for these services.

(Some patrons from other service areas may have privileges at our library if they had cards in good standing previous to this policy’s implementation in January 2009.  This is at the discretion of the library director and is evaluated annually.)

Maple Valley Student Non-Resident CardsBoy Card

Students currently attending Maple Valley Schools may apply for a free non-resident card.  This must be applied for annually and may only be used by the student to whom it is issued.  The same guidelines as other non-resident cards apply.  Please note:  verification between the library and the school may take some time.

Library Card Applications

The library card application is a legal and binding contract and, by signing, the patron takes full responsibility for all materials borrowed on the account.  Patrons are reminded on this contract that not returning library materials is a misdemeanor.  By signing the contract, the patron also agrees to pay all copy/printing fees he initiates, library fines, and/or damage and replacement fees for materials checked out to the account.

Putnam District Library issues three types of library cards:

1.Adult Card:  Patrons age 18 and older. 

2.     Teen Card:  Patrons age 13-17.

3.Junior Card:  Patrons age 12 and under.  (Recommended age is 8-12.)

Spouses/families may share a card but one adult will be responsible for the activity on the account.  Please note that a physical card must be present when items are checked out.Noah Card

Library Card Procedures

Library card applications must be opened in person.  Proof of address must be provided at the time of application.  If the current driver’s license/Michigan identification card does not show a current mailing address, the applicant may show a utility bill, lease agreement, etc. as proof of mailing address.

Parents/guardians opening youth and/or teen accounts must also do so in person and provide proof of address.  Please note:  The adult who opens the account is responsible for all use related to that card.

Lost or Damaged Library Cards

Lost or damaged library cards may be replaced at the circulation desk for a charge of $.50 per card, payable at the time a new card is issued.